The Shredder

Following Dave Hakken's team's designs over there at Precious Plastic, we ordered a shredder from Justin at Greasecar in Oregon. We found Greasecar through the Precious Plastic Community and Bazar.
It took us months to figure out the assembly with a motor and couplers (I'm learning so many new words)...with the hopes that we can do this with Birmingham steel, since our city has a lot of that...kinda was founded on that...

Above is the small box that hold the blades. The blades look like shark fins and are perfectly placed to grab the edge of a piece of plastic (or anything really) and shred it.

Some action shots:

Here are some flakes after going through the blades and a small-holed sieve.

Before we found the motor with the proper strength, we tried bicycle gears and a chain. It was real cute and all...but not strong enough. 

Making good use of old campaign signs (vote for Kari Powell!), I fashioned a hopper to protect fingers from getting too close to the blades. It was just an idea...that failed. The welded metal one is much better....

Fall down 7 times, get up 8, right?