Take Out Pandemic, Plastic Epidemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of us...right down to what are we eating for dinner?

Many of us are enjoying more take-out meals for ease, a special treat, and to support our local restaurants. Hooray for food! NOT HOORAY for the packaging.
This is a picture of JUST the #5 plastic take-out containers, not even the styrofoam.

So far, the only restaurant I know of that has compostable take-out packaging is Zoe's. Thank you Zoe's!! You may know another??

We are collecting the #5 plastics, which CANNOT go in your curbside bin.

Styrofoam is a #6 polystyrene plastic, puffed up, 90% air. It's great for keeping food cold or hot. It's also great at polluting the earth. Consider cleaning your styrofoam cups and containers and taking to Publix and putting in their outside recycling bin (or you may know another styro recycler in your area?)
LMK, friends.