June #5 Collection

You did it again, neighbors. These bags and containers overfloweth.

The white sack is empty and ready for #5 early Tuesday (collection on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month). The blue bins are for curbside recycling (#1 and #2 plastic, cardboard and paper, aluminum, tin).

This was Tuesday evening:

Friends and volunteers will help transport the plastics today, some to my house, some storing at their own homes.
We are working on an IN THE MEANTIME solution on what to do with these #5's, but one thing we can do NOW is save one of your yogurt containers and make your own and keep using that container!!
There are lots of You Tube tutorials for making yogurt in a crock pot, Instant Pot, or a fancy maker thing...
One I tried is from Bless This Mess Please and I'm eating it every morning (thanks for sharing the recipe Mary Liz at The Clean Up Project!!)