Salamander Festival 2019

Every year, part of the world stops to let the salamanders cross the street.

This year we went to the Festival with a booth for Precious Plastic Alabama, in collaboration with Birmingham Sculpture and Edgewood Dance.

The Shredder worked, forward and backward. We talked with so many people about trash, recycling curbside, recycling that is not curbside, and loving the earth in general.

This is Aaron and me - he operated the shredder and taught people about Precious Plastic and how we are trying to reduce Single Use Plastic (SUP). We are shredding plastics #1-7, knowing that #1 and #2 can be recycled curbside, and all numbers can be sorted, shredded, and melted (safely-ish) into something new. While he shredded, I talked to people. We were all in our happy salamander places.

AND there was a special interactive Salamander Dance that some of my favorite (human) salamanders performed:


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