Plastic Project 4 of 5: Oh, Brother...

This is Elijah's 4th entry. The first is here, the second here, and the third here.

Scrapyard Adventure’s (Brother’s recycling)

Saturday morning, I woke up and got ready to spend time with my mentor, Mr. Cliff. Little did I know he and I were going to the scrapyard, in search of a new motor with a gearbox already attached.

When Mr. Cliff told me to look for a motor with a shaft that was ⅞ inch diameter, I thought... I was just overwhelmed.  

But at the same time I was happy just to experience something like this. After we found the right motor we walked back into the front office to ask David (the eldest brother) how much we owed him. That's when he said, “Take it”. I said, “Thanks” and shook his hand.

David let us drive into the scrapyard. We passed heaps of everything, car parts, trashed appliances, a lot of S.U.P. and a scrapyard dog.   

Above: Large pile of Single Use Plastics (S.U.P.)

After visiting this scrap yard, I was overwhelmed by the heaps of waste. I’m more open minded when it come to the way we consume single use plastics.

(From iMollie: This is 4 of 5 entries)


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