Plastic Project 1 of 5: Elijah’s Four Hour Vegan Week

Plastic Project 1 of 5: Elijah's Four Hour Vegan Week

I can't get over how much I love to recycle.
I can't even have a conversation with someone without referencing it.
As busy as I make myself recycling things, I haven't known how to tell the story or teach others what I'm doing. I was blocked.
Then I met Elijah! Elijah is a 15yo high school student procrastinator, and friend of Cliff, who is a scattered brilliant engineer with a lot of fancy tools and knowledge of dangerous things. Cliff is still 15yo on the inside, though his body hovers in the 30yo decade.

With Elijah and Cliff's help, we have successfully powered up the Shredder and Compressor using Precious Plastics designs and ideas (hooray for community-based business models!!)

Elijah wrote this for his first assignment:

The Four-Hour Vegan (Week 1), by Elijah

I had good intentions. I tried. It all started when I was told I would have 15 weeks to work on any project of my choice. My friend wanted me to become a vegan with her. I never wanted to do it. I realized that I’m a young man, I need meat!

  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Shortly after deciding not to go vegan, my mentor (Mr. Cliff) said he needed help designing and making machines for a homemade recycling system.
I decided that this was the project I wanted to work on. I didn’t quite understand the concept of this project, but
jumped right into it literally, with a saw.

(This is a picture of me cutting a piece of pipe to attach to the machine)

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”
  • Winston Churchill

From iMollie:
(This is post 1 of 5)...


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